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Kameo 75

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Similar to Komfire, Kameo is a 75mm steel stud and plasterboard construction surrounded by an aluminium framework but offers a distinct radiused style. This system incorporates acoustic performance and fire protection.

Kameo 75 Partitioning at a Glance

Solid height – up to 4300mm
Glazed height – up to 3000mm

Solid – up to 46dB (Rw)
Single glazed – up to 36dB (Rw)
Double glazed – up to 41dB (Rw)

Up to medium duty

Glass type options:
Toughened – 6mm
Laminated – 6.4mm
Acoustic – 6.8mm

(inc. nominal head & base)*:

Solid – up to 24 kg/m2
Glazed – up to 39 kg/m2

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

Paint / finishes:

  • Polyester powder coat

  • Satin anodised aluminium

  • Special anodised finish

Kameo 75 Gallery

Case Studies Using Kameo 75 Partitioning