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Ls90 is a bi-block system with diverse panel options, impressive materials and unlimited application possibilities which ensure that the designer’s vision become reality. Ls90 has been engineered to accommodate future change, whether it is relocating an individual office, or an entire suite. Panel modules are interchangeable from glass, timber, steel or fabric panels. Its hung panel design, with recessed head and base, creates a true floating panel effect with no visible framing on solid elements.

Off-site manufacturing maintains high levels of build quality and facilitates speed of install on site. It is a partitioning system which has impressive performance qualities, yet maintains the flexibility to allow specifiers to achieve innovative design.

Ls90 Partitioning at a Glance

Solid height – up to 4300mm
Glazed height – up to 4300mm

Panel options:
Steel panel
Veneered MDF panel
MFC panel
Double glazed panel / triple glazed panel
Fabric panels

Steel panel – up to 50dB (Rw)
Veneered panel – up to 43dB (Rw)
Double glazed – up to 45dB (Rw)
Triple glazed – up to 45dB (Rw)

Up to severe duty

Deflection head:
+/-10mm (also system relocatable tolerance)

Door options:
Timber doors
Sonik glazed doors
Single glazed doors

Doorframe options:
Aluminium doorframe

Glass type options:
Toughened – 6mm
Laminated – 6.4mm
Acoustic – 6.8mm

(inc. nominal head & base)*:

Steel panel – up to 32 kg/m2
Veneered – up to 34 kg/m2
Triple glazed – up to 55 kg/m2

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

Paint / finishes:

  • Polyester powder coat

  • Satin anodised aluminium

  • Special anodised finish

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Case Studies Using Ls90