Project Description


Customer: Taboola
Location: London

Komfort Products:
Flexi Glaze

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The Taboola Project

Taboola are a leading content discovery and advertising platform with 14 offices globally including New York, Tokyo and Bangkok. Taboola are committed to continually re-inventing, and refining an innovative platform that transforms the online experience.

The Building
Following the brand’s commitment to evolve and develop, as well to accommodate the company’s rapid expansion, Taboola recently moved into their new offices in Aldgate, London.

The Brief in Brief
To align to Taboola’s brand and business intent, the refurbishment of the offices aimed to create a space that inspires creation, innovation, and a sense of openness and experimentation. Quirky features such as a ping pong table, a hammock and a dance arcade machine were incorporated into the design to cultivate interaction and a sense of belonging, which remain key focuses for the HR team at Taboola.

Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola commented, “One thing that was important to us is that wherever you go around the world, if you walk into a Taboola office – it feels the same. We invest a lot in our culture to be consistent and global, and we wanted our offices to follow the same guideline.”

Komfort’s Solution

To meet the brief’s requirements of an innovative and creative space, the latest addition to our movable wall collection, Flexi Glaze was installed as part of the refurbishment.

Flexi Glaze adds adaptability and variety to the office environment, whilst ensuring that high acoustics (up to 48dB Rw) and wellbeing are promoted through full height glazed panels. This modern design allows light to flood through the building and flexibility in the use of space.

This system works in conjunction with our other Komfort partitioning products, achieves superior sound insulation and is fast to install. This is a bottom roller system with a floor track and top guide rail, with end-fold stacking configuration on both sides of an opening.

The end result
Taboola’s newly refurbished offices seamlessly align to their business culture and commitments, ensuring a creative and inspiring working environment. It was with great pleasure that we were involved with this project and it will remain iconic to us, as one of our first projects installing our Flexi Glaze system.

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