Polar, a design legacy reimagined

Introducing Komfort’s most competitive and completely reimagined Polar range; including five stunning, frameless glass partitioning systems each with their own unique merits; from leading acoustic ratings and enhanced structural performance to flexibility in configuration and inspired, minimalist design.

*Please note that our previous Polar Single Glazed and Polar Double Glazed systems are still available when being used alongside our Fire Rated systems. All technical details and contact information for these systems can be found in our Registered User Downloads area.*

Polar 30 Polar 35 Polar 54 Polar 100 Polar 101
Acoustic Performance Up to 40dB (Rw) Up to 41dB (Rw) Up to 47dB (Rw) Up to 53dB (Rw) Up to 54dB (Rw)
Structure Up to severe duty Up to severe duty Up to severe duty Up to severe duty Up to severe duty
Nominal Width 30mm 35mm 54mm 100mm 100mm
Maximum Height 3000mm 3500mm 3000mm 3000mm 3500mm
Maximum Glass Thickness 14.8mm 17.5mm 14.8mm 14.8mm 17.5mm
Sightline 32mm 32mm 32mm 32mm 32mm
Single Glazed Y Y Y
Double Glazed Y (slimline) Y Y
Triple Glazed Y Y