Komfort’s Fire Rated Glass Partitioning Options

Komfort has a continued commitment to providing specialised fire rated glass partition solutions to meet the most stringent fire and safety regulations for commercial and industrial buildings. Our fire rated glass partitioning and glass fire screens meet very high standards of fire safety, but also offer a flexible design solution for dividing a workspace or public areas. Our fire rated partitioning and screens are compatible with Komfort blinds and manifestations.

Frameless & Framed Fire Rated Glass Partitioning & Door Sets

Komfort offer 30 minute fire rated Polar partitioning with 35FR single glazed and 101FR double glazed. The minimal aluminium trackwork provides a clean aesthetic alongside acoustic performances up to 39dB (Rw) and 51dB (Rw) for single and double glazed respectively. The systems can be configured to heights up to 3000mm and to achieve structural line loads up to 0.74kN/m, or up to 1.5kN/m with Polar 101FR. Both systems offer a fire rated aluminium door frame with choice of timber or 12mm Pyran S glass doors. Integral Venetian blinds are available with Polar 101FR. Komfort also offer a range of solid and glazed, framed fire rated partitioning systems. This includes Komfire 75 and 100 & 100+, as well as Kameo 75.

Defence Fire Screens

Our enhanced E & EI Defence Glass Fire Screens provide up to 120 minutes of protection (also referred to as 2-hour fire rated) to help prevent the spread of fire through a building and aid evacuation. Within a steel structure, Komfort’s Glass Fire Screens can be fitted along with our doors and glass partitions. We also offer curved glass fire screen solutions to add a flare of style to your fire rated partition system. Plus, Komfort’s Defence fire doors have been smoke tested, meeting the classification requirements of Sa (room temperature smoke protection) or S200 (hot smoke protection).

Komfort’s Defence E Fire Screens: Offering integrity performance only, preventing the passage of fire, including flames and flammable gases, but not heat. They offer fire ratings from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, alongside acoustic and structural performance.

Komfort’s Defence EI Fire Screens: Offering integrity and insulation performance, preventing flames and flammable gases as well as the transference of heat to the protected side to meet the highest level of fire protection, offering ratings from 30 minutes to 120 minutes with high acoustic and structural performance.

Fire Ratings – Explained

Fire protection is a critical part of the design of any type of building and interior design. Passive fire protection is a term that encapsulates a range of products that are designed to prevent the spread of fire, protecting a building’s fabric, contents, and – most importantly – save lives.

Compartmentation is the act of subdividing a building using fire-resistant materials (such as fire-rated partitions & fire doors) in order to control/slow the spread of fire and create areas of manageable risk. The fire resistance of a building element, such as fire doors or partition walls, is measured in two ways.

  • The first the integrity of the element – essentially how long a fire can be held back. This is denoted with the classification E.
  • The second is how long the heat generated by the fire can be held back. This insulation performance is denoted with the symbol ’I’.

The duration of the fire resistance is given in minutes, typically in 30 minute intervals. The fire rating is also commonly shown as two numbers with a / in-between as mention above, for instance 30/30 or 60/60.

Different ratings are used in different applications from offices to shopping centres and more. If you would like to discuss fire ratings and what you may need for your project then please get in touch with our experienced team.

Your FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Rated Screens & Partitioning

We can offer systems providing up to 2 hours of fire resistance (EI 120) for fixed glazing, and 90 minutes for doors.

Yes, our partitions are designed to match the overall aesthetic of your space. We have a range of different designs available and are happy to discuss these options with you during a consultation.

Yes, our fire-rated systems can be installed in both new construction projects and existing buildings. Our team of experts will assess your space and recommend the best solutions for your specific needs.

Yes, our products are independently tested to BS and EN standards and installed by our 3rd-party accredited project delivery teams. We prioritise safety and ensure our products meet or exceed all necessary standards.

Our fire-rated screens and partitions are designed for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning using non-abrasive materials is enough to keep them in excellent condition. Fire doors should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they function correctly should a fire ever break out.

Fire Rated Screens or Partitioning Projects