Komfort’s Commitment to Net Zero

We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and join forces on the journey to net-zero. Through the Climate Change Act, the UK is obliged to reach net zero nationally by 2050. With this in mind, Komfort Partitioning has set ambitious actions and initiatives to achieve this.

Komfort is committed to being a responsible company, acting to help better the future for generations to come.

Recognising that the time to act is now as our emissions continue to accelerate the rate of climate change, the Komfort Board have pledged to become a carbon-neutral organisation by 2032 for those emissions that are under our direct control.

Jim Smith, Managing Director of Komfort Partitioning, comments: “We are taking this challenge knowing we will need to invest in training and education to close our knowledge gap. As a company, we want to grow our business and to do this whilst reducing our carbon footprint is one of the biggest challenges Komfort has ever faced.

We aim to engage every colleague in this exciting challenge. Everyone must work towards the same goals, so we have set ambitious targets and we are challenging the whole organisation to step up to meet these targets. To ensure this plan succeeds, we are partnering with our colleagues, suppliers, and customers and together, we can make a difference.”

Komfort Partitioning has a proud history over the last 40 years of trading and is looking forward to the years ahead. The company has recognised its responsibility towards the environment and has pledged to take action to commit to the 2015 Paris agreement to drive down emissions and limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards (GHG), Komfort will track its targets using the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi).

Komfort will be demonstrating to every company we work with, contractors and suppliers alike, our commitment to helping climate change and reducing our carbon footprint.

You can read more about Komfort’s “Step to Net Zero” by opening the link to our infographic and live report below.