Movable Walls

Komfort’s movable walls have been designed to give economical but long lasting use in the division of spaces where flexibility is required.

Moveable walls and partitions are a very popular solution to many of the space issues facing offices and commercial buildings these days. They allows spaces to be divided quickly and easily but also allow them opened back up when a larger space is required. Where space is at a premium, moveable walls allows office and commercial spaces to fulfil different requirements with ease.

Whether you are looking for moveable office walls or a moveable partitioning system for another commercial space our experienced team are here to help.

Design and Installation

We are able to work with your initial design brief to design and install moveable office walls and partitions to suit your specifics requirements. Our team are also on hand for any aftercare needs.

Moveable Wall Partitioning

Flexi Glaze – Spec Sheet

With full height, glazed panels flex glaze allows for flexibility in an office environment but also offers great acoustic performance. It uses a bottom roller system on a floor track and roof guide rail so ease of movement and a range of stacking options. Flexi glaze is a moveable wall solution that is proving a very popular choice.

Komfort 80 Spec Sheet and 200 Spec Sheet

Both Komfort 80 and 200 moveable walls are made from flat individual or hinged panels that can fold or slide in both directions in a single opening.

Komfort 80 is a top hung acoustic movable wall, the 200 can be top hung or floor supported.