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Polar 100 Double Glazed Partitioning

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Komfort’s 100mm double glazed system is designed with enhanced performance over that of our single glazed products. The intricate detail and intelligent design of this system combines contemporary aesthetics, elegance and performance. This system is available in either straight lines or faceted.

With busy open-plan offices, quiet spaces are essential. Our Polar 100 system allows for private and confidential spaces with its high acoustic performance.

System specification 

The Polar 100 double glazed system achieves high acoustic ratings of up to 53dB (Rw) and can accommodate up to 14.8mm glass. Using the snap-in profile, this fully-flexible system can also fit a third pane of glass, a mesh panel, an LED screen and more.

This system offers versatility in configuration. Polar 100 can be integrated with a stud partition with either a Komfire 100 perpendicular three-way wrap around adaptor with glazing to the front or a 100mm drywall tape and joint adaptor. There is also an optional deflection head channel with a built-in tolerance of +/-25mm available.

This system is available in a range of Kross Glaze options, from internal only, internal with applied bars and transom and mullion glazing to create a framed glazing system with individual glass panes.

0dB (Rw)
Acoustic rating
Maximum height
Maximum module width

Polar 100 Partitioning at a Glance

Technical Downloads

Height – up to 3000mm
Track width – 100mm
Track height – 32mm

Fire ratings:

Up to 53dB (Rw)

Up to severe duty

Deflection head:

Door options:
Timber doors
Sonik doors
Single glazed doors

Glass type options:
Toughened – 10, 12mm
Toughened Lam. – 13.5mm
Acoustic Lam. – 10.8, 12.8, 14.8mm
Triple Glazed Acoustic Lam. – 6.8mm

(exc. nominal head & base)*:

Toughened glass:
10mm = 25kg/m2
12mm = 30kg/m2

Toughened Lam. glass:
13.5mm = 34kg/m2

Acoustic Lam. glass:
10.8mm = 27kg/m2
12.8mm = 32kg/m2
14.8mm = 37kg/m2

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

  • Kross Glaze

Paint / finishes:

  • Polyester powder coat

  • Satin anodised aluminium

  • Special anodised finish

Polar 100 Gallery

Case studies using Polar 100