Storage Walls

Storage Walls divide space and provide floor to ceiling storage options. These clever office storage solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with the design of the room and building. Storage walls are movable walls and are an excellent storage solution that takes minimal space and uses otherwise empty vertical areas. Our storage walls are the perfect tool in today’s high rental cost environment.

Where space is a premium or added storage space is planned in as future proofing for a growing team storage walls are the perfect solution. They work as office and commercial partitioning but also as subtle and clever storage that looks good and works exceptionally well. Our Komstore storage wall system can have manifestations and graphics added and has a range of different material and design options.

Storage Wall Design and Installation

Our team are on hand to work with your initial design brief or to help integrate a storage wall into your existing plans where a need for storage became a priority. We are then able to install and offer exceptional aftercare. Get in touch and talk to our team today if you have any questions.