At Komfort, acoustic performance is a key element in the design and manufacture process of our acoustic glass partition systems. We produce a range of acoustic partition products that are at the cutting edge of both design and performance. We continually train to ensure we are ahead of the latest developments which is echoed throughout our business from our technical and research team right through to our sales team. Our team of experts deliver effective and noise reducing acoustic glass and solid partitions on every project.

We all know that controlling sound in busy working environments is important for a number of reasons, with privacy, wellbeing, and productivity levels key. Following this, acoustics have played a central focus in recent office interiors for architects and designers, but you don’t have to soundproof the entire office. Acoustic partition systems provide privacy for phone calls and meeting rooms are perfect for open-plan offices. Often referred to as soundproof partitions our acoustic systems not only look stunning they also work very hard to keep sound in or out as well as some of them being fire rated too.

Acoustic Partitioning Performance

Polar 30 Glazed PartitioningAll of our partitioning systems are acoustically rated and accredited by UKAS. Our acoustic partitions provide excellent sound insulation without taking up unnecessary room; suitable for a range of office spaces and communal working rooms. Reduce the transmission of noise across your office building and create new privacy space using acoustic partitions.

Our brand new frameless range offers leading acoustic ratings. Our single glazed Polar 35 system achieves up to 41dB(Rw), and our double glazed Polar 101 system achieves up to 54dB(Rw). As well as this our Polar 54 which achieves up to 47 dB(Rw) with a slimline double glazed option. Our Polar Kreate bi-block relocatable system with steel panels achieves up to 45 dB(Rw). Read more about our acoustics on frameless partitioning page.

For our acoustic framed partitioning systems, our Kross Glaze 600 system achieves up to 41 dB(Rw).

Acoustic Partition Ratings

The different levels of acoustic partition ratings meet different requirements, with the acoustic screens available in both single and double glazed and available with or without a frame. From the Polar 30 Single Glazed to the Komfire 75, our expert team can install the perfect acoustic partitioning for your commercial office space.

Acoustic Rating Properties
Polar 30 Single Glazed Up to 40dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 35 Single Glazed Up to 41dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 54 Single & Double Glazed Up to 47dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 100 Double Glazed Up to 53dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 101 Double Glazed Up to 54dB (Rw) Frameless
Kross Glaze 600 Up to 41dB (Rw) Framed
Polar Kreate Up to 45B (Rw) Solid Panels
600 Series Up to 40dB (Rw) Framed
Kameo 75 Up to 43dB (Rw) Framed
Komfire 100  Up to 52dB (Rw) Framed
Komfire 75  Up to 43dB (Rw) Framed

The Importance of Acoustics

While it may seem obvious that loud noises and general high volumes of background noise would make for a bad work space there is a lot more to it. The acoustics of a work space can have a serious impact on a number of aspects of working life and we take these very seriously.

Acoustics and Well Being

It goes with out saying a very loud noise while you are working is going to put you off what you are doing. But bad acoustics can actually affect the broader well being of staff in a work space. The term acoustics doesn’t just refer to loud noises in the sense of a drill or loud bang, for example. It can be about general white noise coming from a lot of people talking, that in a badly designed space, can magnify and become a constant background noise. These chronic, sometimes, low level noises can affect mental health, productivity and, on a simple level, just general happiness and positivity in a work place. Without being able to specifically identify it powerful background acoustic issues can make working very hard, cause head aches, frustration and a lack of creativity. of course, absolute silence is not ideal for most people either! It is a key part of any acoustic design to have some noise to feel part of being at work but to make it noise that doesn’t cause any negative effects. Our systems are designed to work alongside wider office design or to help mitigate older designs that may have failed to take acoustics into consideration.

Keeping Noise In and Out

In some cases noise needs to be kept in a space, for example, a meeting room in a larger open plan office space may be a place where people get creative and shout ideas out during a discovery session. This should be a free space where people can express themselves but that won’t work if the people working nearby get disturbed. The same goes for a meeting room where private matters are discussed, it certainly can’t be a space where everything is heard outside. Our acoustic systems allow you to create private spaces that are acoustically insulated but that also allow light in and keep the open plan feel of a space where needed.

There are other times in a workplace where quiet is needed in a certain space and the noise outside must be kept as such. A large call centre is a good example of a noisy space that needs to be filled with chatter and sound. However, a managers office may need to be a quiet space within this louder workplace and a glass acoustic partitioning system will allow that.

Our highly skilled team are hear to fulfil your exact requirements or to help you design the right space for your business.

Your FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustics in Partitioning

An acoustic partition is a specialised architectural element designed to manage sound transmission between different spaces. It can be used to separate areas while minimising the transmission of unwanted noise which enhances privacy, concentration, and overall comfort.

Acoustic partitions can take various forms, from simple walls and panels to more advanced designs that incorporate sound-absorbing materials and technologies. One of the innovative variations of acoustic partitions is the use of acoustic glass, which offers a combination of sound insulation and visual transparency, making it an ideal choice for spaces where both aesthetics and functionality are important

Acoustic glass partitions have a layered construction that utilises various glass thicknesses and sound-absorbing interlayers which reduce noise transmission between sides. Many factors play into the acoustic performance of acoustic glass panels, including glass thickness, composition, and interlayer materials. These also help determine visually appealing barriers with incredible sound insulations.

These partitions essentially convert sound energy into vibrations within the glass and interlayers, preventing sound waves from passing through and ensuring acoustic comfort all whilst ensuring an aesthetic design in the space.

Acoustic glass partitions have gained popularity due to their unique ability to seamlessly combine all the benefits of sound control and transparency with an aesthetic design. Traditional solid partitions can create a sense of isolation and confinement which can actually hinder collaboration and the distribution of natural light. Acoustic glass partitions, on the other hand, provide a modern solution that keeps the open-plan layout whilst effectively reducing sound transfer. This means you can experience a more productive work environment where employees can communicate without the distraction of excess noise.

Acoustic partitioning has loads of benefits including enhanced privacy, improved concentration, and increased productivity in workplaces. It also helps to create a more comfortable and peaceful place to work by reducing noise pollution.

Acoustic partitioning is great for offices, call centres, conference rooms, libraries, classrooms, hospitals, restaurants, and much more. Essentially, any space where noise control and sound isolation are important.

Our acoustic partitioning solutions are designed using high-quality, sound-absorbing materials and construction techniques that help us achieve optimal noise reduction. We can help you choose the right product to help with your specific noise-related issues.

We have a range of framed, frameless, and solid panel acoustic partitions to match the style of your space.

Our acoustic partitions are designed to be durable and low maintenance. Regular cleaning using non-abrasive materials is sufficient to keep them in excellent condition.

Yes, if you have any specific requirements, we’re happy to discuss the different options we have available to see what works best for you and your space.

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