At Komfort, acoustic performance is a key element of our design and manufacture process. We produce a range of acoustic partitioning products that are at the cutting edge of both design and performance. We continually train to ensure we are ahead of the latest developments which is echoed throughout our business from our technical and research team right through to our sales team.

We all know that controlling sound in busy working environments is important for a number of reasons, with privacy, wellbeing, and productivity levels key. Following this, acoustics have played a central focus in recent office interiors for architects and designers, but you don’t have to soundproof the entire office. Acoustic partition systems provide privacy for phone calls and meeting rooms are perfect for open-plan offices.

Acoustic Performance Across Our Range

All of our partitioning systems are acoustically rated and accredited by UKAS.

Our brand new frameless range offers leading acoustic ratings. Our single glazed Polar 35 system achieves up to 41dB(Rw), and our double glazed Polar 101 system achieves up to 54dB(Rw). As well as this our Polar 54 which achieves up to 47 dB(Rw) with a slimline double glazed option. Read more about our acoustics on frameless partitioning page.

For our acoustic framed partitioning systems, our Kross Glaze 600 system achieves up to 41 dB(Rw) and our Ls90 bi-block relocatable system with steel panels achieves up to 50 dB(Rw).

Acoustic Partition Ratings

Acoustic Rating Properties
Polar 30 Single Glazed Up to 40dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 35 Single Glazed Up to 41dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 54 Single & Double Glazed Up to 47dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 100 Double Glazed Up to 53dB (Rw) Frameless
Polar 101 Double Glazed Up to 54dB (Rw) Frameless
Kross Glaze 600 Up to 41dB (Rw) Framed
Ls90 Up to 50B (Rw) Framed
600 Series Up to 40dB (Rw) Framed
Kameo 75 Up to 43dB (Rw) Framed
Komfire 100  Up to 52dB (Rw) Framed
Komfire 75  Up to 43dB (Rw) Framed