With Komfort’s passion, experience and specialist understanding of acoustic control, we are excited to introduce our Kube+ pod range of soundproof office pods and office phone booths. Kube+ offers enhanced acoustic and performance control through the intelligent integration of our acoustic doors and glazing.

Sound insulation and ambient noise levels influence privacy in busy open-plan working environments. We are launching this range with our Kube+ Solo pod system to offer escapism, a place of quiet and concentration for individuals in these spaces.

Kube Plus Solo


Sometimes it can be difficult to have private conversations and remote meetings in a busy environment. The Kube+ Solo soundproof office pods and office phone booths provide the perfect solution for agile working, uninterrupted tasks, meetings, phone calls and downtime such as listening to a podcast or reading a book.

The Kube+ Solo system has been tested achieving acoustics ratings of up to 37 dB (DnT,W). What makes the Kube+ range so unique is the integration of our acoustic doors and glazing, which ensure high acoustic insulation is maintained. Together with the option of single or double glazed partitioning, this system provides privacy in busy working environments. Acoustic materials and fabrics can also be specified as part of the design to offer enhanced acoustic control.


The Kube+ range offers complete freedom for any designer. With a wide choice of fabric colours for the interior and exterior acoustic lined side panels and other special finishes available (please enquire for bespoke requirements), the Kube+ can complement or add contrast to your space. As well as the panels, the aluminium framework can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour, and the back panel can be glazed or solid.


This Kube+ range is designed for future change and adaptability as it stands directly on the office floor with no base. The entire system can be assembled and dissembled quickly and be used time and time again. The robust structure and materials make it safe and quick to install and easy to relocate.

The system is also adaptable to user mood, daylight and temperature with LED lighting and air circulation fans operated through passive infrared sensors upon entry. Power modules and USB chargers are also integrated within the Kube+ range as standard.

Kube+ Solo Pod at a Glance

1200mm W x 1000mm D x 2100m H

1340mm W x 1140mm D x 2250mm H

One person

Single Glazed up to 36 dB (DnT,W)
Double Glazed up to 37 dB (DnT,W)
Speech Privacy Potential Rating – Good

Door Details
891mm W x 2035mm H x 54mm D
Effective clear opening – 762mm
Stainless steel cranked 600mm pull handles
Stainless steel lift-off hinges

Glazing Options:
Double glazed – 6.8mm Acoustic Laminated
Single glazed – 12.8mm Acoustic Laminated

Handing Options:
Left or right-handed

Finish Options:
All aluminium powder coated to any RAL or BS colour
Camira Synergy Fabric for interior and exterior

Included Features:

  • Enclosed ceiling unit with LED lighting panel

  • Passive infra-red sensor

  • Air circulation fan

  • Single power module with twin USB charger

  • White MFC work surface 1000mm x 500mm

  • Acoustic lined side panels

  • Front and rear glazed panels

  • Acoustic glazed door

Optional Extras:

  • Low back sofa with return (left or right-handed)

  • Acoustic lined rear panel

Specification Support

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the design or specification for our Kube range, please contact our expert team who will be happy to support you.