Koncept Range


Expressive, meaningful and inviting design is about creating spaces which energise and visually inspire individuals to think differently. Accents of bright colours, the use of different materials, shapes and interactive elements are commonly featured within today’s architectural designs to form an interesting and diverse appearance.

This Koncept Range is dedicated to elevate glazed partitioning into something that can be admired, inspire creativity and add texture and excitement to an office space.  The Komfort Koncept range allows designers to truly design; to transform interiors into something quite spectacular and to make a space not just practical yet beautiful, creative and inspiring. Take a look at our portfolio of mesh, LED glass, curved glass, digital printed and etched glass, SwitchGlass, magnetic and whiteboard glass, stained glass and Kross Glaze 600. The scope of what is possible is almost endless.

Komfort’s partitioning systems achieve the highest performance credentials and when complemented by the Koncept range, they serve much more than just a practical solution. Allow your imagination to run free and whatever your idea, however conceptual, get in touch with us today to realise your vision.

Interested in our Koncept Range? Realise your vision today and get in touch.