Sonik is Komfort’s acoustic glass office door which can be integrated within all Komfort’s partitioning systems and used in a huge range of commercial and public spaces. Designed for ease of installation and future product maintenance, this system also ensures high acoustic insulation is maintained through the use of an automatic drop-down seal.

The manufactured door set can be specified as a single, hospital or double door set with either lift-off hinges or with an offset pivot and floor spring.

The Sonik door range is available with many configurations through improved profiles and ironmongery sets. There are three door profiles available, including 52mm double glazed, 70mm double glazed and 70mm single glazed. This flexibility in design provides better suitability for a wide range of designer specifications.

0dB (Rw)
Acoustic rating
Maximum height
Maximum module width

Sonik Doors at a Glance

Maximum height – up to 3000mm
Maximum width – *up to 1100mm

Fire ratings:

Up to 42dB (Rw)

Up to severe duty

Deflection head:
Please contact our technical team

Door type options:
Single or double door set

(exc. nominal head & base)*:

Up to 34 kg/m2 (excluding ironmongery)

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

Paint / finishes:

  • Polyester powder coat

  • Satin anodised aluminium

  • Special anodised finish

Sonik Acoustic Glass Door Gallery

Case Studies Using Sonik Doors