Komfort’s glass office doors increase natural light, allow for uninterrupted views and create a clean and contemporary finish to any space. Our frameless glass doors are available as a single or double doorset with either a pivoted, hinged, or sliding application. These doors are perfect for offices where acoustic privacy is important but the light is too.

Modern Design Glass Office Doors

Our frameless glass office doors perfectly complement a modern office environment. In offices with glass partitions, Komfort glass doors are ideal. Offering a sleek contemporary aesthetic, glass opens up the workplace for a more creative and cohesive environment.

Eye-catching manifestations can be applied to all our frameless industrial glass doors to add contrast, definition, and interest. Perfect for any commercial or office space, all frameless doors comply with the requirements of Document M of the Building Regulations.

These high-quality glass office doors look and feel stunning with smooth mechanisms and all the acoustic and optic quality you expect from all our products. For more information on glass doors for offices and workspaces please see below or get in touch with our team today.

0dB (Rw)
Acoustic rating
Maximum height

Optimising Natural Light In Office Spaces

The best office managers and office architects know that creating an open, light and airy environment is essential to employee wellbeing, and therefore can increase productivity. Bad acoustics, ineffective partitions and a lack of sunlight can make for hostile and stressful working environments, causing particular problems for employees with visual and hearing impairments.

Optimising natural light in office spaces has many health benefits, including increasing vitamin D levels, which boosts energy, and improving mood and even eye health. Our internal glass frameless doors offer privacy and soundproofing whilst creating open spaces for light to pass through.

With more focus on wellbeing within the workplace, enabling light to flow through your office space can have a positive effect on employees, creating a happier and energised working environment. Our internal glass frameless doors are ideal for making office spaces more open and light, whilst providing the acoustic privacy needed for each employee or team.

An Open Office Space

There are many benefits to open office spaces. They can make for a more inclusive team environment and increase energy. With fewer barriers, open offices can enable better communication, creativity and collaboration. When clients visit your place of business they’ll also be welcomed with a visibly busy workplace.

However, completely open offices can present privacy challenges. There are often calls and meetings that need to be confidential and some employees find it difficult to focus in noisy environments. That’s why glass office doors and glass partitions are an ideal solution.

Giving you the best of both worlds, glass doors give your office space an open feel whilst maintaining acoustic privacy. Meaning your office looks busy, promotes collaboration and benefits from shared energy, yet enables exclusive spaces for employees to focus with minimal distraction.

Frameless Glass Doors at a Glance

Height – up to 2700mm
For heights above 2700mm contact our technical department

Fire ratings:

Up to 31dB (Rw)

Up to severe duty

Deflection head:
+/-15mm, +/-25mm

12mm Glass – up to 30 kg/m2
With deflection head – up to 31 kg/m2

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

Frameless Glass Office Door Gallery

Full Glass Office Design Solution

Komfort can offer a full solution to your office design and glass partitioning requirements.

If you’re seeking to replace existing standard office doors with our stylish glass frameless doors, we can guide you through design options and carry out the installation with minimal disruption to your business. Alternatively, as a leading manufacturer of glass partitioning, office pods and booths, and both framed and frameless glass doors, Komfort can provide a full glass office design solution.

From initial concept, through to design, manufacturing and installation, our design-led specification team make the most of your commercial space, with our glass office design solutions. If you’re looking for a full office refurbishment that optimises natural light, secures acoustic privacy and creates a stylish, modern office aesthetic, then contact Komfort today.

Case Studies Using Frameless Glass Doors Partitioning