Balcony & Terrace Balustrades & Handrails

Komfort Balustrades offer a wide variety of bespoke balcony balustrades and handrail solutions to enhance the appearance of your building, while creating safe and accessible outdoor areas. Modern glass and stainless steel designs allow buildings to be flooded with light and create uninterrupted views. Our glass and balcony railings are available with up to 3kn loading to comply with the latest building regulations.


Terraces are becoming increasingly popular in built-up areas, with more and more people wanting to utilise space and views available to them. Usually located on rooftops or large flat raised areas, these spaces can be transformed into roof-top gardens and contemporary living spaces.

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Juliet Balconies

The classic juliet balcony remains a popular and cost-effective way to add a feature to a building, while allowing vast amounts of light into rooms. Komfort’s juliet balcony systems allow rooms on the first floor or higher to feature in-ward opening full height doors. We offer a wide range of design options including structural glass to create a truly stunning aesthetic appeal for both commercial and domestic settings.

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Inset Balconies

Inset Balconies are built into the building recesses and do not project or float. They offer dwellers private outdoor space with easy access to fresh air.

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Projecting Balconies

Komfort’s projecting balconies add vital outdoor space to tight developments, they also provide aesthetic appeal to the exterior of both commercial and domestic settings. Balconies and terraces, that project over a void have the luxury of being any shape and any size, therefore the spaces that they create should be beautiful, complement the building but above all, be safe and accessible.

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