Komfort Protekt – Covid Social Distancing Screens and Systems

Helping businesses implement long-term social distancing for a safe, quick, and future-proof return to the office or workplace. High stock, quick lead times, and bulk discounts are available on our social distancing screen systems.

Socail distancing has already been accepted as the norm for the months and years to come. To help businesses bounce back from the pandemic as quickly and safely as possible, whilst also future-proofing and ensuring business continuity for the long term, we have introduced our Komfort Protekt social distancing screen range to make your work environment safe.

Our affordable free-standing and desk-mounted screens will reduce social contact and the transmission of harmful bacteria or viruses between employees, while also providing occupants with the confidence that health and safety has been prioritised in their working environment.

Additionally, our full-height partitioning systems and office partition screens can also be used to maintain an effective social distance across a wide range of applications including offices and reception areas, schools and universities, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, airports, and hairdressers. All of which can be customised to meet your workplace needs.

Whatever your requirement, we have available stock and our expert team are on hand to help create a quick and future-proof solution for your working environment.

Temporary Social Distancing Screens and Systems

We offer a range of temporary free-standing screens and desk-mounted systems. These affordable screens are available for all projects, budgets and applications. With high stock availability and quick lead times, our dedicated team will help to welcome all your staff and customers back to work. Low prices and bulk order discounts available.

They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles and available with antimicrobial finishes. Including acoustic, acrylic, aluminium framed, glass and vinyl. These systems are easy to install and can be done without any expertise.

Contact our team at social.distancing@komfort.co.uk for a price list.

Flexible social distancing systems to suit your workplace requirements – Screens, Dividers and More

Below are some examples of how our partitioning systems can be adapted to suit different working environments to maintain distancing and reduce the transmission of pathogens like viruses and bacteria too. All of which can be tailored to meet unique requirements.

Partitioning and social distancing screens for offices

We have demonstrated a range of social distancing options for office layouts across the UK, whether it be dividing open-plan offices into separate areas for smaller teams or desk screens and desk dividers to make it safer for people to sit opposite and next to each other. Our partitioning systems and office partition screens not only help office staff to social distance and prevent transmission, they are also flexible and can change to suit your staffing requirements.

  • Anti-bacterial panels available, with all surfaces easy to clean
  • Doorless solutions possible
  • Frameless options available to maximise the use of natural daylight
  • Customised systems to suit your requirement

Social Distancing Screens for reception and waiting areas 

Making sure visitors, as well as your staff, are kept safe from those who may be asymptomatically spreading COVID19 is critical. But reception areas also need to be welcoming with furniture that gives the right impression and level of comfort. Our workplace social distance options allow you to create a safe but friendly environment in which to meet and communicate freely with visitors, whilst reducing the risk of transmission.

  • Whether in a doctor’s surgery, health centre, dental practice, airport or hospital, waiting rooms will need to adapt with these type of systems
  • Securely fixed screens between chairs can be easily cleaned
  • Visible solutions will reassure visitors and staff that health and safety has been prioritised
  • Customised systems to suit your requirement

Social distancing screens, dividers and partitioning for schools, colleges, and universities

Education is critical to how we function as a country but schools and colleges are also busy places where getting any kind of social distance is a challenge. Our team can help design and install screens and flexible partitioning systems to help make our educational buildings safer for staff and students. In classrooms, dining areas, and communal spaces partitioning and screens can help maintain flexible distancing.

  • Already successfully implemented in Denmark, glass partitions with doorless openings will allow teachers to see and communicate with students on both sides of the room
  • Partitions and booths will allow children to work in smaller teams without more staff needed
  • Other solutions may include dividing the dining hall and providing screens at reception areas
  • Customised systems to suit your requirement

Social Distancing screens and booth dividers for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and pubs

We can design and install screens and booths that will allow customers to enjoy a meal or a drink while maintaining a safe distance. It is so important for many of our pubs and restaurants to be able to open safely and we can help make that happen.

  • Partitioning and screens provide customers with the confidence that health and safety has been prioritised
  • Allows staff to see customers and attend to their needs as normal
  • A robust permanent solution that is safe and easy to clean
  • Customised systems to suit your requirement

Social Distancing Screens for airports and public spaces

In large public spaces like airports, museums, and galleries distancing is a different challenge. While in many areas people can maintain a distance of 2 metres there are pinch points and busy areas where they cannot, even 1 metres plus can be tricky. Our systems can allow buildings to create safe areas to maintain the correct distance and offer protection against viral transmission. Customised systems available to suit your requirement.

Ideas to protect against transmission in hairdressers

Distancing is not possible when cutting hair but making sure customers and staff minimise close contact is critical. Our systems can keep customers safe while they wait and reduce the concerns of transmission from waiting customers to staff as well.

  • A simple partition or screen between chairs helps reduce contact and transmission
  • Securely fitted partitions can withstand bumps and knocks
  • Glazed systems allow natural daylight to flow through the building
  • Customised systems to suit your requirement

Get in touch for your customised solution

We hope these examples have inspired you with possible distancing solutions and has given you an idea of the type of systems we can provide. Screen sizes are all bespoke and customers can choose from a range of panel materials. We will work with our customers to design a system to meet their precise needs to ensure a safe and fast return to work.

Our dedicated Komfort Protekt technical and sales support team are on hand to help.