Komfort Partitioning Acquires Laidlaw’s Handrail and Balustrade Division

Komfort Partitioning are proud to announce the recent acquisition of the Handrail and Balustrades (HRB) division of Laidlaw. This is an exciting opportunity, for which Komfort are heavily investing and growing a ‘Komfort Balustrades’ solution going forward.

Laidlaw have carried out many exciting projects over the decades, and this brand new product range complements Komfort’s architectural glass and aluminium profile project focus. As part of this purchase, four members of the Laidlaw team who have the expertise, knowledge and ability to sell post and rail, frameless, and timber solutions, have joined our team and we are delighted to have them onboard. 

Over the coming weeks you will see our business, marketing and sales efforts reflect this new Komfort specialist division, and we hope you join us in welcoming this new and exciting opportunity to expand our growing and improving product range.

For any enquires related to Komfort’s Balustrades division, please email balustrades@komfort.co.uk and a member of our specialist team will be in touch.