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Door Furniture

This page of the door section contains a popular selection of Komfort's door furniture from stylish lever handles to functional signs and symbols. Each piece is characterised by it's high quality, distinctive design, ease of operation and tactility. Used individually or in any combination, our collection will provide the finishing touch to the most sophiticated new build or refurbishment project.  

  • Veneered Doors

    Virtually unlimited decorative styles and moods can be captured with veneered doors.

  • Glass Doors

    Komfort's considerable choice of glass doors form an integral part of any partition wall and interior. Choose from pivot, sliding, framed or frameless.

  • Veneers

    The intricate art of applying veneer has been practiced since the time of the Egyptian Pharoahs.

  • Laminate Doors

    Komfort's laminate door range.

  • Door Furniture

    This section contains a selection of Komfort's door furniture.