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Wood is a natural material. When purchasing veneered products be prepared for slight variations in the colour and characteristics as each log is unique. Another important consideration is that each veneer is subject to light. The colours may intensify or fade over a period of time. This all contributes to the fascination of using veneer as a design material. 

  • Ls90

    Recessed head and base bi-block system with a range of interchangeable panel types and finishes.

  • Klassic

    Radius edge veneered trim system in a steel stud and plasterboard construction with glazing options.

  • Veneered Doors

    Virtually unlimited decorative styles and moods can be captured with veneered doors.

  • Door Furniture

    This section contains a selection of Komfort's door furniture.

  • KM3 Storagewall

    Ingenious and versatile, KM3 not only provides impressive storage capabilities but it can also double as a partition wall.

  • Komfort 80

    Komfort 80 system is a top hung movable acoustic wall of light construction made up of individual panels designed to give economical but strong and long lasting use.

  • Komfort 200

    Komfort 200 is primarily supplied as a floor supported option where overhead support in unavailable or when client's budgets dictate an economic answer.