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Polar 101FR Double Glazed Fire Rated Partitioning System

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Polar 101FR is an elegant frameless double glazed 30 minute fire rated system using Pyrostop 14 or Pyrobel 16 glass configurations. This office partitioning system has been designed with acoustic laminated glass on the sacrificial side to maximise acoustic performance.

Combining aesthetics, performance, and durability, this system is ideal for when stringent fire and acoustic requirements apply.

Doorsets can be framed in aluminium to provide a wide range of design options within the system. This system is also compatible with glass and timber doors.


Our Polar fire rated glazed doors can achieve up to a 30-minute fire rating and enhance any design, allowing light to permeate the space and creating the feeling of openness.

Screen height – up to 3000mm*
Doorset height – up to 3000mm*

Fire Rating:
30/0 Track
30/30 Glass

Up to 51dB (Rw)

1.5kN/m up to 3000mm* (BS6180)

Deflection head:

Doorset options:
12mm Pyran S Glass Doors
44mm & 54mm Fire Rated Timber Doors

Glass type options:
Non-Fire Side – Pyrostop 14 (34kg/m2)
Non-Fire Side – Pyrobel 16 (40kg/m2)
Fire Side – 10 or 12mm Toughened (25 or 30kg/m2)
Fire Side – 13.5mm Toughened Laminated (34kg/m2)
Fire Side – 10.8, 12.8 or 14.8mm Acoustic Lam. (27, 32 or 37kg/m2)

*Dependent on system configuration/specification

Compatible with:

  • Blinds

  • Manifestations

  • Graphics

  • SwitchGlass

  • Kross Glaze

Paint / finishes:

  • Polyester powder coat

  • Satin anodised aluminium

  • Special anodised finish

Case Studies Using Polar 101FR