Technology in office design

Tech panels

Integrating technology and the user interface can help achieve business objectives and future-proof the user experience.

It is no secret that intelligent technology is essential for any office design, and that access to the right technology in the workplace can actually increase productivity (benefiting both the individual and the company’s bottom-line), whilst encouraging, independent, flexible and remote working.

Technology has revolutionised the corporate world, and to accommodate this change, Komfort are constantly exploring new and exciting ways to enhance our partitioning systems.

Tech Panels

Tech Panels are increasingly being incorporated into commercial and public spaces, enabling control systems to be installed, with all power and data requirements readily available.

Integrated into steel or glass panels, Komfort’s Tech Panels enable seamless control of room booking, lighting, air controls and security systems.

Whilst also being functional, the way the technology looks is equally important to us. We offer a range of beautiful finishes for our Tech Panels from glass, steel and veneer.

Take a look at our One Angel Square project, where our Polar glass partitioning system enabled booking systems to be wired through the doorframe seamlessly.


Another example of how our partitioning systems can be enhanced is through our SwitchGlass technology. This system uses intelligent technology to enable instantaneous privacy control without the need for blinds. SwitchGlass technology can either be face applied to a range of glass types or integrated within a bespoke laminated glass. The glass changes from opaque to transparent when a low electrical current is applied which can be controlled by the flick of a switch.

Not only is SwitchGlass more aesthetically pleasing than the use of blinds or solid panels, but it also provides the upmost privacy when required. Read more about SwitchGlass offering here.

LED Panels

Designed with commercial interiors in mind, we were proud to introduce our LED Sensory screen as part of our dynamic product offering earlier this year. The LED technology is integrated inbetween our Polar partitioning and provides a flexible, vivid and innovative way to capture an audience’s attention, and deliver a company’s desired marketing messaging.

With unparalleled transparency and high resolution, this system is suitable for any commercial space.

The Future

Taking this into consideration, as well as recent discussions held at our exclusive Round Table event with leading architects, it is clear that technology will continue to shape the future of office designs. As well as offices, technology is a huge consideration for R & D at universities, as well as healthcare situations to benefit occupants and streamline processes.

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