Versatile and synonymous with style, performance and the essence of sustainability, Ls90 is a bi-panel partition system. Off site manufacturing maintains high levels of build quality and facilitates speed of install on site. It is a partitioning system which has impressive performance qualities, yet maintains the flexibility to allow specifiers to achieve innovative design.

Panel modules are interchangeable from glass, veneered, fabric or metal panels to solid without disturbance to adjacent components. Its hung panel design, with recessed base and head, creates a true floating panel effect with no visible framing on solid elements.

Ls90 has been engineered to accommodate future change, whether it is relocating an individual or entire suite of offices, to simply upgrading a boardroom for improved acoustic performance.

With sustainability such an important issue, Ls90 has been designed for disassembly enabling components to be recovered from site at the end of their useful life and entered into the relevant industry’s recycling programme.

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