fire rated partitioning

A Trio of Fire Rated Systems

Following rigorous testing, we are excited to introduce Polar 35FR and Polar 101FR, our enhanced single and double glazed Polar fire rated partitioning systems.

They say the best things come in three and we couldn’t agree more. Our new enhanced polar fire rated partitioning systems complement our fire screens and fire rated doors, providing designers with complete flexibility in design and performance to meet a wide range of project fire requirements and briefs.

New Polar fire rated partitioning systems

We have introduced Polar 35FR single glazed and Polar 101FR double glazed partitioning systems to offer superior performance and complement our recently enhanced Polar range. These partitioning systems offer a 30-minute fire rating, have improved acoustics and structural performance.

Specifically Polar 101FR, this system can be used in the most demanding environments, achieving impressive line loading of 1.5kN/m up to 3000mm and acoustic ratings of up to 51dB(Rw).

Not only do these systems perform, but they have also been designed with aesthetics in mind. These new fire rated systems fully complement our latest frameless Polar partitioning range providing minimal, clean and high-end design with minimal trackwork.

Read more about Polar 35FR and Polar 101FR here. Alternatively, contact our Specification team directly for any questions you may have on specifying fire rated partitioning.

Defence E & EI Fire Screens & doors

Our fire screens capability and offering has grown from strength to strength over recent years. Our Defence E & EI Fire Screens and doors offer both integrity and insulation performance and provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection. Fire screens are formed within a steel construction, providing the highest level of fire protection and ideal for use in corridors, escape routes, common areas and more.

You can read more about our fire screens offering here.

For any technical, project, or application questions you may have for fire screens, please get in touch with our specialist Fire Screen division who will be happy to help.

Glazed and timber fire rated doors

To complement our fire screens and partitioning, we offer both fire rated glazed and timber doors which provide the highest level of protection suitable for a range of different applications.

Our Polar fire rated glazed doors can achieve up to a 30-minute fire rating and enhance any design, allowing light to permeate the space and creating the feeling of openness. For greater requirements, our steel Defence system offers fire rated glazed doors up to 120 minutes (integrity only) and 90 minutes (integrity and insulation).

Alongside this, we also offer fire rated timber doors which can offer up to 120-minute fire rating. Our dedicated Timber Doors team is here to support any related enquiries.

At Komfort

Within our business fire safety is an absolute priority and is treated with the highest importance throughout the design, manufacture, specification and install process. To reflect this, we have a dedicated Fire Screens division along with our national Specification team for any partitioning and glazed door requirement who will be happy to provide technical and design support. Our team provides designers confidence in specifying fire rated systems compliant with current building regulations and which have been tested at UKAS accredited laboratories.