Komfort Kube – Office Booths and Pods

Designed to accommodate individual wellbeing and safety, different working styles, and busy open-plan spaces, Komfort is excited to introduce the Kube range. A series of office pods, office booths, and soundproof phone booths for any modern commercial space.

Office Pods and Booths – Our Range

The Kube pod and booth range helps designers and specifiers meet the current and future demands of the workplace with design flexibility and user experience at the heart. As we move away from completely open-plan spaces, this range offers enclosed acoustic office hubs, pods, and booths to help suit individual and group requirements. From seating pods to booths for private phone calls, office meeting booths, and more, the Kube Pod system is flexible and suitable for a range of uses.

To engage, focus and encourage collaboration between employees, workplaces require quiet and private spaces to be solitary, captivating places to collaborate, and everything in between. Office booths and pods are the perfect solution, they bring private and collaborative spaces into open plan areas allowing break-out groups and private calls and meetings to go on within a larger area.

Office Pods and Booths designed for wellbeing, productivity, and collaboration

Our UK manufactured, Kube range offers pod and booth designs to suit every space. We are able to create virtually any bespoke design to make each system unique. Below we have listed our standard offering which can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.

This includes Kube Solo pod for one person, Kube Duo for two people, Kube Unite booth for four-six people, Kube Social Booth for teams, and Kube Phone Booth for private phone and video calls.

Completely bespoke and technology-driven

Nothing is unachievable with our Kube office booth and pod range. We work with leading technology innovators to offer complete flexibility to our clients. From sound recognition, video conferencing, mobile booking systems, infra-red sensors and much more, we are always staying ahead of the latest trends.

If you would like to know more about what our Kube range offers, please get in touch with our dedicated Specification team using the details below.

Why use office pods and booths?

The world of office design is fast-changing and ever-evolving. With the recent focus on individual wellbeing, aligned with WELL Standards, privacy and quiet spaces need to be a key consideration in any building design. In a recent Oxford Economics article, it was found that millennials hugely value spaces to concentrate and deliver good work. Smart companies are rewriting the rules of open-plan offices with sound control intrinsically linked to overall wellbeing, happiness, productivity and stress levels.

Results from the study demonstrated that “65% of millennials found that blocking out noise increases their productivity, 51% say it reduces error and 46% say it increases focus”. But alongside this, it was also found that “71% also said that the ability to interact with co-workers was very important to them”. These findings demonstrate the need to design offices around activity-based tasks and flexible individual and collaborative requirements.

Contact Our Specification Team

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the design or specification for our Kube range, please contact our expert team who will be happy to support you.