Komfort Defence EI Fire Screens

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The use of Komfort’s Defence EI Fire Screens offer integrity and insulation performance. Meaning these systems work to prevent flames and flammable gases as well as the transference of heat to the protected side. This ensures a safe escape from fires when used in protected corridors and protected refuge areas, as well as preventing secondary combustion of flammable items in a protected area.

The Defence EI Fire Screens are constructed using steel tubes with internal thermal insulation breaks. The structure enables our fire systems to offer fire ratings from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, meeting a range of project specifications.

Not only do our Defence EI Fire Screens provide up to the highest level of fire protection, but they also achieve impressive acoustic performance of up to 52dB (Rw). Maximum screen heights reach up to 4500mm and can be specified with design features such as applied bars. We are proud to offer fire systems that don’t compromise on other performance or beauty in design. These systems can also be complemented with both latched and unlatched doors.


Our steel Defence system offers fire rated glazed doors up to 120 minute doors (integrity only) and 90 minute doors (integrity and insulation).

Defence EI30 Defence EI60 Defence EI90 Defence EI120
Screens Up to 4500mm Up to 4500mm Up to 3500mm Up to 3380mm
Acoustic performance Up to 52dB (Rw) Up to 52dB (Rw) Up to 52dB (Rw) Up to 51dB (Rw)
Glass-to-glass butt joint Yes Yes Yes
Frame depth 65mm 65mm 70mm 110mm
Single Latched doors* 1400x3000mm 1460x2870mm 1450x2800mm
Double Latched doors* 2830x3000mm 2820x2890mm 2930x2800mm
Single Unlatched doors* 1160x2430mm 1160x2430mm
Double Unlatched doors* 2310x2430mm 2310x2430mm
Single Sliding doors* 1400x2500mm
Double Sliding doors* 2600x2500mm
Available finish PPC steel

Brushed stainless steel

PPC steel

Brushed stainless steel

PPC steel PPC steel

* Dimensions are clearance between the outer frame. Subject to a maximum leaf area

Register to our ‘Fire Rated Systems and Safety for a Commercial Space’ RIBA accredited CPD

Through video demonstrations, diagrams and real-life examples, this CPD seminar will help specifiers design with fire safety in mind for a commercial setting; introducing fire terminology, regulations, classifications, testing process and more. Exploring the performance, applications and building design considerations for fire rated glazed partitioning and doors, fire screens and fire rated timber doors. Fire safety is an absolute priority when designing buildings and this seminar will provide you with a good understanding of the key factors when specifying fire rated partitioning and screens.

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