Flexi Glaze New Product Launch

Komfort welcomes Flexi-glaze as the latest addition to our movable wall product range with a modern change to the traditional solid panels available (Komfort 80 & 200).

Flexi Glaze adds adaptability and variety to the office environment, whilst ensuring that high acoustics (up to 48dB Rw) and wellbeing are promoted through full height glazed panels.

Flexi Glaze works in conjunction with our other Komfort partitioning products, achieves superior sound insulation and is fast to install. This is a bottom roller system with a floor track and top guide rail, which allows for endfold stacking configuration on either one side or both sides of an opening.

Flexi Glaze has been credited for its versatility. Its modern design is proving a popular choice as the interiors industry moves away from cellular offices to more open plan and creative spaces.

For more information visit our Flexi Glaze product page.

Flexi Glaze