Healthy work spaces

With those living in the UK spending on average 90% of their day inside and most working outside of their homes, it comes as no surprise that working environments are important to an individual’s health.

In respect of this, and coinciding with the WELL Standard v2 being a hot topic, companies are learning to become more socially conscious of their working environments. They have a greater understanding of their role in creating a healthy work environment to encourage more active lifestyles amongst employees.

Komfort have worked within the interiors market for decades and within recent months have been a part of and witnessed increased discussions surrounding how best to create enhanced and proactive environments with architects, designers and contractors. The answer isn’t one element, but a combination of a range of features which complement each other.

As part of our design process, we consider the aesthetics of the environment and wellbeing of the occupants. Glass partitioning impacts several elements which effect human wellbeing and motivation. Light, sound and flexibility are just to name a few.


Glass partitioning maximises the impact of natural light whilst also giving the impression of a welcoming and collaborative working environment. Natural light has been shown to increase positivity and work productivity, and ultimately the wellbeing of individuals.


In a bustling office, noise levels can become distracting. Free standing pods and meeting rooms with glass partitioning can provide the perfect spaces to concentrate and have private conversations, without the feeling of being enclosed.


There is an increasing need for office dynamics to adapt to different needs and requirements on a daily basis. A trend set to dominate 2019 will focus on giving employees more flexibility in how and where they work.

Relocatable partitioning and our Flexi Glaze system, can easily transform an area from a quiet corner to a complete open space. Beyond this, with a multi-functional space there is no hassle or expense of putting up four walls.

We are delighted that creating a healthy work space is becoming less of an ambition but rather a standard amongst construction professionals.

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